Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I set up an online Account?
A: Go to the Sentry RV and Boat Storage website, click on the Reserve Space Today button. This will take you to the available spaces. Click the Reserve button. From there, you will be guided by the instructions to set up your own personal account.

Q : Is there a minimum rental term?
A: The minimum rental term is one month after which rent will continue to be due monthly (on your original start date). Your rental with us can be long or short – depending on your needs. When you are ready to move out, give Sentry RV and Boat Storage a 15 day written notice and there will be no additional charges within that prepaid month.

Q : What are your payment options?
A: We accept MasterCard & Visa or Debit Cards.

Q : Can I pay for storage by automatic debit or online payments?
A: You can pay for storage by automatic debit from your bank debit card or credit card account. Our facility offers online payments.

Q : Are online payments safe?
A: . All personal and payment information submitted to our secure online server is encrypted so that none of this information can be seen or intercepted by a third party.

Q : What if I am late making my payment?
A: Your monthly rent is due on the same day each month (the day of the 1st rental). Sentry RV and Boat Storage provides a five day grace period before charging a late fee.

Q : Do I need insurance?
A. Yes. Insuring RV or boat is necessary. Just as your home is susceptible to acts of nature, so too is your storage space.

Q : Will there be Any RV or boat amenities at the facility?
A: Yes.
• An air compressor is available 24×7.
• On-site dumpster
• LED lighting
• Six foot no climb wire fencing

Q : What if my storage needs change?
A: A new contract will be written. Existing customers will get 1st priority.

Q : Can I work on my vehicle while it is stored?
A: No, only mobile, licensed, insured, and qualified repairmen can perform work within the facility.

Q : Can I self-store a commercial vehicle or work truck at the facility?
A: Yes, as long as you have rented the space and the vehicle is on the lease contract.

Q : What are the hours of operation?
A: 24/7 365 days a year

Q : What kind of security do you have?
A: There is superior, LED lighting and 24hr video surveillance provided. Six foot no climb wire and personnel keypad entry gate.

Q : How can I report any maintenance issues such as a light is out, or a gate not opening?
A: There is an email and phone number on the Contact page on our website.

Q : Do you offer an e-bill or payment reminder service?
A: Yes, just put your email address on your account in SiteLink.

Q : How do I set up automatic payments (Auto Pay) for my account?
A: Follow the instructions on the payment options in Sitelink on the Web-Site.

Q : What should I do if I’m having difficulties signing into the website?
A: Call or email Sentry RV and Boat Storage.

Q : Can I print an invoice or receipt online?
A: Yes, absolutely

Q : How do I update my information listed on My Account?
A: Log into your account and click on edit my account.

Q : Do you use standard forms?
A: Yes, we are members of The Texas Self Storage Association and use their forms.